Your Accounting Finance & Insurance Team together under one roof


I was a key player in the foundation and vision of HotCopper way back in the 90's. We listed the business (HOT) on the ASX in 1999 and unless I am advised otherwise, it remains the shortest ASX listing in history, acquired in <3 days, ultimately by St George Bank (Westpac).

HOT has morphed over the years, relisted in 2016 and still headquartered in Perth.

When Ron, Tony and I first met there were only a handful of users, today there are >50 million page views and >60,000 unique visitors a day.

I want to bring this, my experience of working inside a mid-tier accounting firm and my dream to Funder

If you are in Accounting, Finance or Insurance, anywhere, employed or not, large corporate or one person and would like to join me on the journey, it would be great to hear from you...

Kind Regards

Chris Hussey


Perth, Western Australia